Ultimate Facial - $150

"The Rolls Royce of Facials" Customized for all skin types. Includes a choice of AHA/BHA peel or enzymatic exfoliators, an eye & lip treatment, as well as a glycolic hand and foot treatment.

Deluxe Facial Treatment - $110

"This is our most popular Facial" Customized for all skin types. You will consult with your Esthetician to determine the use of a peel, an eye & lip treatment, or a deluxe mask.

Signature Facial - $90

"Result Oriented Facial" Customized for all skin types. Exfoliation is a choice of scrubs, and choice of a brush on mask.

Signature Facial - with 1/2hr. Back Massage $130

Signature Facial - with 1/2hr. Foot Scrub Treatment $150

Signature Facial - with 1/2hr. Face Treatment $150

Men's Facial - $90

Back Facial - $90

Our famous Signature Facial customized specifically for men.

Clinical Facial - $70

The perfect introduction to proper skin care. This facial treatment focuses on specific skin concerns, including acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dryness, and scaring, sensitive skin and age defying.

Micro current /Photo Light Facial - $150

Our famous Signature Facial including the use of our pulsating light machine. Lightens and brightens all skin types by working from the dermal to epidermal layer.

Microdemabrasion - $100

Microdemabrasion with Facial - $150

Jessner Peel (series of 4)- $250

TCA Peel (series of 4) - $250

The ultimate Anti–Aging Peel. Helps to resurface and smooth skin, evens out skin tone, reduces hyper-pigmentation, and helps manage acne prone skin. All while stimulating skin metabolism and encouraging cellular regeneration. Additional treatments to any facial

Glycolic Hand and Foot treatment - $25

AHA/BHA peel - $20

Scalp Treatment - $20

Eye and Lip Treatment - $25

Galvanic Treatment - $25

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Non-Permanent Make-Up Services

Make-up Application - $60 Make-up Lesson - $75    


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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common type of massage. It involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles. If it's your first time at the spa or you don't get massage often, Swedish Massage is the best place to start.
1 hour - $90
90 minutes - $130

Signature Massage

Signature Massage is especially designed for you! A client favorite and most popular massage uses a combination of special techniques to increase oxygen flow, release toxins from your muscles and de-stress your body and mind.
1 hour - $100
90 minutes - $140

Deep Tissue Massage

Go to the next level of firmness! The Deep Tissue Massage is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. This massage will definitely help relieve stress.
1 hour - $110
90 minutes - $150

Aromatherapy Massage

One hour massage using your choice of aromatic oils - $90 .
Aromatherapy Massage gives you best of both worlds – massage and essential oils. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to promote healing and a feeling of well-being and relaxation.


hour - $100
30 minutes - $55

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Body Silk Salt Scrub - $100

The true spa enthusiast will appreciate this efficient treatment that will rejuvenate, revitalize and polish your skin, removing dead surface skin cells using a mixture of Aromatic Oils and Glacier Salts. For clients with sensitive skin, a gentler treatment is recommended using the delightful Peppermint Body Polish.  

Detox Body Treatment - $130

Ideal for Celluite, Seaweed is the essential ingredient in this treatment; known for centuries as an effective detoxifying agent. First your body is exfoliated then coated in a sea weed compound and wrapped in a warm blanket to amplify your body's natural elimination system.  

Customized Body Wrap - $110

Customized Body Wrap with Facial - $160

Harmful pollutants can rob skin of moisture and attack our body daily. This wrap helps to replenish your skin with moisture. First, we give you a mechanical exfoliation from head to toe, using emollient grape seed and avocado oils followed by a customized hydrating masque. Your body is then wrapped in a warm blanket giving your skin the maximum benefit of hydration.

Detox Body Treatment with Essential Facial - 150$

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Face Wax - $50-$60
Eye Brow Wax/Shape - $20
Lip Wax - $10
Chin Wax - $15
Full Leg Wax - $60
Upper Leg Wax - $35
Lower Leg Wax - $
Women's Light Bikini - $25
Women's Full Bikini - $40
Women's Brazilian Wax - $70
Arm Wax - $25-$40
Under Arm Wax - $25
Back Wax - $50
Half Arm Wax - $25
Full Arm Wax - $40
Under Arm Wax - $25
Please inform us prior to booking an appointment if you are currently unsing Retin A, Glycolic Acid, Accutane, or taking medication before waxing.

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Hair Cuts starting @ - $55
Men's Hair Cut - $35
Shampoo / Blowdry / Iron , starting @ - $45
Uo do's starting @ - 80$
Conditioning Treatment with Blow dry - $70
Karina smoothing treatment starting @ - 250


Full color starting @ - 80$
Retouch starting @ - 65$
Highlights , Partial starting @- $95$
Highlights Full starting @- $130$
Clear glaze , add to any color - 25$

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Gel Manicure - $35

Spa du Jour Manicure $25

A thorough nail and cutical grooming followed by a deep moisturizing treatment.

Spa du Jour Pedicure $40

A unique exfoliation and deep moisturizing treatment using aromatherapeutic products from the sea.

Express Pedicure $30

Nail Add-On

Glycolic - $10

Paraffin $15

Polish Change $12

French Polish $5

Gel Manicure - $39

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